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Drain cleaning, blockage of pipes, high-pressure water cleaning of pipes, blockage removal,

Pipe blockages

  • Blocked kitchen, bathtub, shower, toilet and urinal drains
  • Blocked laundry room, cellar, storage room and garage drains
  • Blocked house sewers, wastewater and seepage pipes
  • Flooding from floor drains and manholes
  • Failure of sewage lifting stations 

In an emergency, the following information is important for us:

  1. The name of the client, your exact address and a telephone number where we can reach you after the order has been placed.
  2. Location of the problem, in the cellar, in the garden, on the ground floor, etc.
  3. Form of damage (where is the water rising? kitchen sink or dishwasher, backwater from rainwater, dripping, running or massive water leakage, etc.).
  4. Who knows the location and where the pipes run?
  5. Is there access to the pipes, inspection hatches, cellars and shafts?
  6. Has the problem ever existed before?

Pipes in building and property drainage systems are sometimes blocked and need to be cleaned or the blockage removed.

For this purpose, an electric motor-driven spiral is often used for smaller pipe dimensions such as a sink drain or a kitchen drain pipe (nominal diameter DN 40 mm or DN 50 mm). These spirals are 8 to 10 mm thick and are generally used up to approx. 12 m.

For larger pipes, often from nominal size DN 70 and larger, thicker and longer motorized spirals are used or high-pressure water, high-pressure hoses and sewer jetting vehicles are used to clean pipes or remove blockages.

This hydro-mechanical cleaning technology is used for heavily to extremely encrusted pipes and stubborn deposits in pipes and sewers. The high-pressure process works with a powerful water jet. This removes the deposits in the pipes and achieves a very good result. The high-pressure flushing device is permanently installed in our special vehicle, has its own drive motor, tank, filling hoses and a pressure pump with 150 bar water pressure and an output of approx. 130 l/min.