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Distinction between partial repair/complete renovation 

In trenchless renovation methods, a general distinction is made between partial renovation using short or long liners or mechanical sealing elements and the complete renovation of pipes over their entire length using pipe liners. In this case, the pipe is completely renovated with an inner pipe.

Both methods for repairing wastewater pipes have proven to be an economical and technically mature alternative solution to the traditional method of repairing damage using open construction. They are an economical method of significantly extending the service life of pipes.

The prerequisite is that the materials used are suitable for site of action and that installation is carried out according to strict quality criteria. Modern technology, specialist knowledge and experience are required to carry out repairs as efficiently as possible in the long term.

Only after analyzing the sewer pipe can we determine a suitable rehabilitation method.

Sewer damage detected by our TV systems can also be repaired without civil engineering work if the damage pattern and the analysis allow this. We use a pipe lining process for this purpose.

This process involves a woven synthetic fiber hose, which is usually impregnated with 2-component resins and cured in the old sewer as a "pipe-in-pipe system".

Hose fittings soaked in resin or cut-to-size fiberglass mats are pressed into the leaking or cracked areas using air pressure or inverted using temperature-controlled inflow water.

Thanks to this modern repair method, old sewers can often be put back into operation after just a few hours. The materials used here are exclusively tested and DIBT-approved construction materials and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.