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Sewer TV inspection

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The sewer TV inspection has become an indispensable tool in sewer work and for determining the condition and damage.

Our modern camera technology enables precise sewer inspections by our certified specialists with an AI license. The inspection process and results are documented in posture logs and video sequences.

Three decisive advantages

We always adhere to your specifications and safety regulations (e.g. explosion protection) in combination with the currently applicable and recognized regulations and DIN standards.

Duct data acquisition

Using modern digital sewer cameras, we can detect pipe damage and determine the exact condition of the sewer. Cracks and fragments, deviations in position and pipe bursts can be detected and classified. The meter overlays in the camera image allow us to measure branches or nozzles. Like a doctor's X-ray examination, this sewer data acquisition forms the basis for a repair concept for the drainage system.

The survey information is stored on data carriers and made available to owners, engineering offices or municipal clients.

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Damage analysis

Our inspectors are exclusively certified specialists (KI certificate). The mobile camera technology enables them to examine pipe/sewer connections and their branches in detail. Of course, you can follow the TV inspection on the monitor at any time. The course of the examination and the results are documented in reports.

By using our various sewer cameras, we can inspect pipes from a diameter of 40 mm. This allows defects to be localized and documented for later repair planning and makes it easier to calculate the costs for repair planning.

Reason for a TV channel inspection:

  • TV inspection for stocktaking
  • Sewer blockages and operational obstructions
  • before building conversions and new connections
  • for condition assessment
  • recurring mandatory examinations
  • New building approvals
  • Before and after renovation measures
Services at a glance

Sewer TV inspection of main sewers

House connection inspection

Shaft and building inspection